#40 Why should they care?

We’re surrounded by products, each pitching more features than the other. But why should I care? Why should I want to do whatever the product pitches?

“Build richer pages”, “Easily access the relevant information”, “Automate mundane tasks”, “Stay in the know”… why would I want it?

If you pitch the features, you assume that your audience will connect the dots. That they will get it and rip the solution out of your hands. But more than often they won’t get it, or they will connect the wrong dots and they won’t use whatever you have to offer.

Don’t hope for your audience to get it. Turn the odds in your favor and explain how whatever you have to offer. Tell your audience how it will make them better employees or professionals, how it will take their pains away, how it will help them achieve their goals. Results, not features.

What are you going to explain next? Do you understand how it benefits your audience?

Photo by Simone Secci on Unsplash

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