Windows 8.1 live tile available for and

With its latest update received a Windows 8.1 live tile.

Windows 8.1 Live tiles for websites

One of the new capabilities of the recently released Windows 8.1 are Live tiles for websites. When pinning a website to Start the tile can display the latest information from the website. As a website owner this allows you to notify your users of the content on your website.

Live tile for

When you pin to your Start screen, depending on the size you will choose for the tile, you will see either the latest or the latest three articles published on the website.

Small live tile

Medium square live tile

Medium wide live tile

Large live tile

Tapping the tile will take you directly to the website when you will be able to read the content in the full experience.

Building live tiles for your website

Building Windows 8.1 live tiles for websites isn’t complex and while it could be done manually, it’s easier to go to and follow the wizard there. In a matter of minutes you will be provided with the necessary assets and manual to integrate the live tile with your website.

From SharePoint perspective, the easiest way to integrate the live tile with your website is to upload the generated assets file to the root of your website using SharePoint Designer.

Windows 8.1 live tile assets in the root of the website uploaded using SharePoint Designer


One of the improvements of Windows 8.1 are live tiles for websites. When pinning websites to Start you can control how the tile will look like and which information should be displayed. This allows you to bring the information from your website closer to your visitors. With the latest update a Windows 8.1 live tile has become available for and

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