Performance of various methods to retrieve one list item

A while ago I did some research on performance of various approaches for aggregating data in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Back then I have found some interesting results. In the project I’m working on at the moment, I got a slightly different challenge: what is the best way to retrieve one particular list item?

SharePoint RTE breaks in IE8 when in editing mode

Since a couple of days I’m working on a brand new Web Content Management solution on MOSS 2007. For the first time I’ve started off using Internet Explorer 8. Considering the changes the IE team has made to the DOM rendering I wasn’t surprised when I saw that some of the SharePoint functionality doesn’t work properly in IE8.

Templates-based menu control for SharePoint

Sometimes doing the simplest things turns out to be unnecessary difficult. This is true with SharePoint development in particular. For example: have you ever tried creating a menu control based on a standard Site Map Provider which would render a nested unordered list (UL) and nothing else? I have, and finally have a solution that I’m happy about: a templates-based menu control.

WCF and SharePoint: context != context

Recently I got interested in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Services and SharePoint. I’ve heard some great stories about how WCF can improve the architecture of your solutions. On the other hand I’ve heard some complaints about how complex the integration with SharePoint is. To keep it short: reason enough to check it out myself.