CodePlex Downloads tracking Vista sidebar gadget

Just as every other author, I've been curious about the successfulness of my products. Unfortunately as only 10% of the whole community contributes I needed to found another way to find out what the community thinks of my tools. CodePlex provides some statistics about projects and releases among which the number of downloads for each particular release. As I've already mentioned: I have posted quite some tools, so regularly tracking the number of downloads for all them slowly became too time consuming. To automate the whole process I have decided to create a Vista Sidebar Gadget which would retrieve these numbers for me.

Sample code acceptance checklist for IT organizations

Recently, there has been the Sample code acceptance checklist for IT organizations published at Microsoft TechNet. This checklist is meant to help IT organizations evaluate custom SharePoint solutions before they are deployed in the production environments.

Inconvenient WSSv3 RSS Feeds

Windows SharePoint Services v3 ships with a possibility to create RSS Feeds for every List. This feature is quite powerful as it allows you to create multiple RSS Feeds for one List based on Views. If you have worked with Lists at least a bit, you know that you can quite easily create a custom View using the standard SharePoint interface. Without any problems you will be able to define the filter and apply the sorting criteria.

Going on vacation

Finally, the last day at work is behind me. After having delivered the OneClickDeployment of a SharePoint solution for one of our customers and having a great meeting about accessibility in SharePoint this work day is finished to me. I'm officially going on vacation.