Using .NET Custom Attributes for release documentation

During the last Dev Days in the Netherlands I’ve attended to Francesco Balena's presentation on .NET Reflection. It was definitely interesting and it has inspired me to take a closer look at it. After a while I came on the idea of using .NET Reflection for generating release documentation for .NET applications and assemblies. It would once and for all solve the problem of updating the release notes stored in a separate file and getting sure all the changes have been put there.

Imtech Tools moved to CodePlex

As we've realized we have quite a few community tools we want to share, we figured out it would make it all easier to have a central file/release store. What's more, as we're busy with setting up a TFS development environment we have chosen for CodePlex as our main storage. From now on you can download all our community tools @ . All the links for our tools have already been edited.

Bugfix: Imtech Solution Setup (Free SharePoint Tool)

A while ago I've published the version of Imtech Solution Setup - a small tool which allows you to add the selected solution to the Solution Store and deploy it to Web Application of your choice - and all that using a Windows GUI. Today, while using the tool for a release of a Solution of one of our products for a demo we gave for Microsoft, I’ve found out that the Solution Setup doesn’t work properly. In spite of updating the Solution package it still deployed the old version of it.

SharePoint Programmatically: Provisioning Lookup Fields

Provisioning Content Type’s fields is quite straight forward when using Solutions: using Element Manifests you can define your own Content Types and their properties among which fields. Unfortunately there is one serious con to the solution Microsoft has offered: you simply cannot provision any Lookup Field using the Element Manifest.