Automatically generating a hierarchical Title in element

Recently while working on an Internet facing web site for one of our customers I thought of creating a control which would automatically create a hierarchical Title in the <title> element, like: Site Collection - Current Site - Current Page. Standard SharePoint 2007 allows you to define the title on the Master Page and within a Page Layout. Default SharePoint 2007 displays the Page Title in the <title> element. As I've been recently researching the accessibility issues I have noticed that such a behavior can cause loosing the context - especially if the visitor is vision impaired. Secondly it might cause search engines indexing a page and not linking it to the organization (Site Collection) or for example a division within it (Site). You could solve it using the standard features like displaying the Site's Title using <SharePoint:ProjectProperty> but still it wouldn't provide me the flexibility I wanted it to have. That's why I have decided to make a control which would automatically generate a title based on the existing hierarchy.

Windows Live Writer Plugin: Imtech Word Count

Reading the Windows Live Writer wish list forum I have stumbled upon a request for a Word Count plugin. As the request has been done quite a while ago and there hasn't been any response yet I have decided to make one myself. As the solution wasn't that difficult I was able to stuff making it between work and personal stuff.

Windows Live Writer Plugin: Imtech Find & Replace

I use Windows Live Writer to post on my blog. Sometimes I just miss the Replace functionality which in my opinion is a must-have of each content editor - even the Notepad proves it. If I'm not wrong the Live Writer development team has promised to include the Replace in the next version. As a developer you have two options: waiting or just doing it yourself. I have chosen for the second one....

Windows Live Writer Plugin: Convert RGB color to Hex

Since a while I've been using the Windows Live Writer. Though it's a nice and handy tool that works way better than any web interface, it misses some functionality like pasting the code from Visual Studio, Search and Replace, etc.

Using WebClient in SharePoint context

Recently while working on one of my projects I needed to use the WebClient in order to obtain a rendered version of a Publishing Page using a url. My environment consisted of an Publishing Site using Active Directory authentication and it's extend equivalent using Anonymous Access as well. My goal was to obtain the rendered page before it's published to be able to check the standards compliance of the rendered code.