Provisioning Publishing Pages using PowerShell

A while ago I presented you the Mavention Export Page extension that allows you to export preconfigured Publishing Pages so that they can be provisioned using Features. If, however, creating Features is too much overhead to you and you are more of a PowerShell guy, you might wonder how to

Importing documents to Document Libraries with Mavention Import Document Library Contents

[Recently I showed you how you can import Lists and their data into your SharePoint Project using the Mavention Import List Instance extension]( As you can imagine supporting list data is only half of the story, so to complete it another extension became available. Find

Provisioning List Instance data using PowerShell

[Recently I showed you how you can import List Instances and their data to your SharePoint Project so that you can reuse test data during the development process]( If however creating test Features is too much work for you and you are more of a

Import List Instances and their data with Mavention Import List Instance

When working with custom Lists you find yourself often redeploying the List and creating some test data to verify that everything is working correctly. Entering sample data may be fun to do once but becomes rather boring after a few times. Find out how to reuse your sample data in