Inconvenient Bootstrap and Sitecore Experience Management

Bootstrap is a great help when building modern websites but using it with Sitecore 8.0 XP requires additional thought. Bootstrap - a web development accelerator Bootstrap is a framework for building modern websites. Most known for its grid system, Bootstrap significantly simplifies building responsive websites. By leveraging the different

WCM tip #29: You can’t use media queries on CSS references

When referencing CSS files in HTML files used with Design Manager CSS media queries are removed from the link tag. The new Design Manager offers you an easy way to implement your custom user experience in SharePoint 2013. Using your static HTML files as starting point, it allows you to

WCM tip #28: Design Manager: easy start but limiting if you know what you're doing. Build .master yourself

Design Manager allows you to quickly implement your user experience in SharePoint but if you want to build a great public-facing website you should build the Master Page and Page Layouts yourself instead. Design Manager is one of the new capabilities that SharePoint 2013 offers for building public-facing websites. Using

Windows 8.1 live tile available for and

With its latest update received a Windows 8.1 live tile. Windows 8.1 Live tiles for websites One of the new capabilities of the recently released Windows 8.1 are Live tiles for websites. When pinning a website to Start the tile can display the latest information

SharePoint Connections Amsterdam 2013 presentation deck available

Last week I had the honor of presenting a session about SharePoint 2013 Web Content Management on SharePoint Connections Amsterdam 2013. Following is the presentation deck from my session. SharePoint Connections Amsterdam 2013: Real-life building public-facing websites with SharePoint 2013 from Waldek Mastykarz It’s been the second time I