A better way to obtain objects from cache

Last week I have posted a better approach to getting field values from an SPListItem. Today I’ve found out that you can actually use almost the same approach to get stuff from the ASP.NET cache.

“Search on this Page” using jQuery

Every modern browser provides the ability to search for text within a page. In most cases that functionality is underserved and allows you to find only one instance of the text at a time. Google Chrome recently presented improved version of search which searches for the given text as you type and highlights all instances found on the current page. But wait a minute: is this functionality limited to Google Chrome only?

Why tables for layout is stupid?

Yesterday I asked you a question: should I use tables for layout? In 99% cases the right answer is of course ‘No’ and in 1% ‘It depends’. In case you’re surrounded by a bunch of guys still stuck to the tables, I’ve found a great resource which might help you explain it to them: Why tables for layout is stupid?

Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide and SharePoint 2007

As announced earlier this morning, Google has published the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide: a set of good practices which can help you get the most of your website. Having it read with my SharePoint 2007 developer hat on a couple of things took my attention in particular.