Quickly search for and contact people from your mobile device

Have you noticed that SharePoint doesn’t offer an ability to easily search for people from a mobile device? Inconvenient searching for information in SharePoint from a mobile device Recently I wrote about how SharePoint doesn’t offer an ability to easily search for information from a mobile device, despite

Quickly search in SharePoint from your mobile device

Although Office 365 offers an optimized UX for mobile devices, have you noticed that it doesn't offer the ability to search for information? Inconvenient mobile devices or is it just SharePoint? More and more mobile devices are being used to access information. Mobile phones become more powerful and are simply

Using SharePoint REST API in provider-hosted apps

Although the Client-Side Object Model offers you rich capabilities, there are scenarios when you might need to leverage the SharePoint REST API instead. Find out how to leverage SharePoint REST API in provider-hosted apps. Building Apps for SharePoint Using the App Model is the new recommended way for building solutions

Inconvenient Remote Event Receivers and Apps for SharePoint

Remote Event Receivers allow you to integrate your apps with SharePoint by handling events that occur in SharePoint. There are however a few things you should keep in mind before you start working with them. Remote Event Receivers Remote Event Receivers are one of the great improvements in the SharePoint

Deploying Custom Actions using the App Model

Even though the App Model doesn’t support deploying declarative artifacts to host web, did you know that you could deploy Custom Actions using the App Model? Custom Actions in SharePoint 2013 Custom Actions offer you a great way to extend capabilities of the SharePoint platform. The possibilities span the