My last week at Mavention

My last week at Mavention

After nearly six years, this is my last week at Mavention. Mavention I remember when I joined Mavention in April 2010. SharePoint 2010 was about to be released and we were working on one of the first public-facing websites using SharePoint 2010 in the world... Fast-forward six years here I Single Page App is live

Today I released the Single Page App version of This November on the SharePoint Connect 2014 conference I will be presenting a session about building SharePoint 2013 portals and public-facing websites using the Single Page App (SPA) approach. To show you, that it’s all not smoke and

Windows 8.1 live tile available for and

With its latest update received a Windows 8.1 live tile. Windows 8.1 Live tiles for websites One of the new capabilities of the recently released Windows 8.1 are Live tiles for websites. When pinning a website to Start the tile can display the latest information

How we did it: recommending for foreign visitors on

Last week we launched recommending to our foreign visitors on goes multilingual Last year we launched a new version of our website on the SharePoint 2013 platform. Having noticed the increasing number of visitors from outside of the Netherlands we decided to launch the

How we did it: On-demand toggle of responsive web design on and

Last week we released on-demand toggle of responsive web design on and Mobile is here More and more mobile devices are used to browse websites. According to different researches it is only a matter of time before more mobile devices than desktop computers will be used