Spell checking brand names with Mavention Spell Check

Recently I wrote about how [Mavention Search and Replace can help you ensure consistent usage of brand names across your website](http://blog.mastykarz.nl/mavention-search-replace/). What if what you’re looking for is a more direct feedback, such as the one you get with spell checking? Brands brands brands

Inconvenient clientaccesspolicy.xml and Host Named Site Collections

When making cross-domain requests from Silverlight applications you need a clientaccesspolicy.xml file to allow the communication between the service and the Silverlight application. And while it seems pretty straight-forward at first, things become quite inconvenient when you start working with Host Named Site Collections. Client Access Policies A while

Easy search and replace with Mavention Search and Replace

One of the frequent content management challenges is the consistent usage of brand names and expressions throughout the website. Challenge no more with Mavention Search and Replace! It’s all about consistency SharePoint 2010 is a frequently used platform for building public-facing websites in enterprises across the world. One of

Wrapping the contents of a Content Query Web Part in additional markup

When building content aggregations using the Content Query Web Part (CQWP) there are often situations when you need to wrap the results of the aggregation in some additional markup. Find out how to wrap the contents of a CQWP in additional markup. Building content aggregations with the CQWP You can

Optimizing the output of the Content Query Web Part

Content Query Web Part is one of the most powerful Web Parts provided with the SharePoint 2010 platform. To support all of its functionality however, it produces some additional HTML markup that you might not need in your website. Find out how to get more control of the output of