Web components and SharePoint Framework

Web components and SharePoint Framework

Web components are the holy grail of reusable controls. But do they have a place in the SharePoint Framework and if so how to they fit together?

Inconvenient XHTML validation in Sitecore 8 XP

Sitecore tries to help you maintain the quality of your website but sometimes it gets in your way. It’s all about quality Sitecore is a rich platform with powerful web content management capabilities. One of the standard available features are validators that automatically execute as a part of the

SharePoint Saturday NL presentations available

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of presenting at the second SharePoint Saturday NL. Either if you couldn’t attend the event or would like to have the decks for future reference, here are the decks from both sessions that I presented. DIWUG.nl: How We Did it Did you

Building breadcrumbs the way you want it in SharePoint 2010

A while ago I wrote [an article about creating breadcrumbs using the Mavention Simple SiteMapPath control](/create-sharepoint-breadcrumbs-mavention-simple-sitemappath/). And while I thought that the control would be sufficient to cover the most common scenarios just recently it turned out that the control has one major flaw. Find out how to build

Publishing Rich HTML without any limitations in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 ships with rich content editing capabilities. However the set of allowed HTML tags is limited. Find out how to avoid the limitations in editing rich content in SharePoint 2010. When working with Internet-facing websites, rich content allows us to make difference and to add interaction and semantics to