Quickly search in SharePoint from your mobile device

Although Office 365 offers an optimized UX for mobile devices, have you noticed that it doesn't offer the ability to search for information? Inconvenient mobile devices or is it just SharePoint? More and more mobile devices are being used to access information. Mobile phones become more powerful and are simply

Speaking at SharePoint Evolution Conference 2015 in London

Earlier this week the agenda for the upcoming SharePoint Evolution Conference 2015 has been published. I have the honor of presenting three sessions. Building solutions with Office Graph Delve, formerly known as Project Oslo, is a new and innovative way to discover information and content in Office 365. Delve recommends

Working with Managed Properties in Search-driven publishing scenarios

SharePoint 2013 does great job configuring things for you in search-driven publishing scenarios but there are a few things you should keep in mind to save yourself trouble. Search-driven publishing One of the great improvements delivered with SharePoint 2013 is search-driven publishing. The idea behind it is, that once content

Building solutions with Office Graph – session change at SharePoint Connect Amsterdam

With the recent release of Office Delve and Office Graph I decided to change my session and present about leveraging Office Graph for building custom solutions. Office Delve and Office Graph Recently Microsoft started releasing Office Delve – a user experience available in Office 365 which surfaces personalized content to you

Inconvenient Content Targeting with User Segments in Search REST API

Content Targeting with User Segments just works with Content Search Web Parts but some additional work is needed if you want to leverage it with the Search REST API. Content Targeting with User Segments in SharePoint 2013 One of the great capabilities of SharePoint 2013 Search is Content Targeting with