CodePlex Downloads Gadget update

Recently the CodePlex Team has updated the GUI of the whole site. Because of some minor changes in the layout the CodePlex Downloads Gadget stopped working and turned into: Today I’ve provided a fix which works with the updated version of the CodePlex Release pages. Additionally I’ve added

Track the ranking of your SharePoint blog from the Sidebar

Back in May this year Joel Oleson has put together a list of the top 100 SharePoint blogs. That top 100 is ordered by the Technorati Rating (Rank) of each blog participating. Joel is planning to do an update soon, so come on and improve the ranking of your blog

WordPress Stats Vista Sidebar Gadget v1.0.0.0

Recently I have published a Vista Sidebar Gadget which allows you to track the number of downloads for different CodePlex projects' releases. As the gadget works as a dashboard it simply saves you some time which you would otherwise spend to visit the pages of all the different releases you

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Developer Badge

Proud of being a MOSS 2007 developer? If so, then this is something for you: the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Developer Badge! Show to the world that you are a MOSS 2007 developer and that you belong to the one of the greatest communities out there! It would definitely

CodePlex Downloads tracking Vista sidebar gadget

Since I started blogging nearly a year ago I have made quite a few tools I share with the community using CodePlex. Because all these tools are rather small me and my colleagues at Imtech ICT Velocity have decided to setup one project where we would publish tools that simplify