Check the quality of your SharePoint 2010 Internet-facing website with Mavention SharePoint 2010 Site Checker

How good is your Internet-facing website built on the SharePoint 2010 platform? You can build great Internet-facing websites using the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform – no doubt about it. The challenging part is that the SharePoint platform is complex and that building for the Internet is different from building for intranets.

Generating robots.txt files with Mavention Robots.txt

Robots.txt files are a way to tell Web Robots which part of your site they should skip while scanning it. Although it’s not an official standard using robots.txt is a common approach used for Internet-facing websites to exclude pieces of your website from crawling. Find out how

How we did it: – Part 3: Search Engine Optimization

A few days after we launched our new website I used my favorite search engine to do a search on one of my fellow-Mavens. I was really surprised to see that in just a few days the first result came from our brand new website! So what is it exactly

How we did it: – Part 2: Performance

[In the previous part of the How we did it series about our new website I told you how we implemented the branding in SharePoint 2010]( In this part I will share with you some information about how we optimized our website for performance. No

How we did it: – Part 1: Branding

In case you haven’t noticed, recently we launched our new website. In the upcoming series of *How we did it* articles I will give you a glance under the hood and tell you how we built our site. In this first part I will tell you how we did