Easier prepare for a meeting with the Mavention Meeting Outlook Add-in

Preparing for a meeting and looking for relevant information? What if Outlook would deliver everything you need to know right at your finger tips? Preparing for meetings We all attend meetings and while some of us do it more often than others, we all struggle with finding the relevant information

Quickly search for and contact people from your mobile device

Have you noticed that SharePoint doesn’t offer an ability to easily search for people from a mobile device? Inconvenient searching for information in SharePoint from a mobile device Recently I wrote about how SharePoint doesn’t offer an ability to easily search for information from a mobile device, despite

Quickly search in SharePoint from your mobile device

Although Office 365 offers an optimized UX for mobile devices, have you noticed that it doesn't offer the ability to search for information? Inconvenient mobile devices or is it just SharePoint? More and more mobile devices are being used to access information. Mobile phones become more powerful and are simply

Discover trending content in your site with the Office Graph

Have you ever went to a project site and wondered which documents were currently worked on? Discovering trending and relevant content with Office Graph The recently released Office Graph helps us discover new relevant content. Office Graph keeps track of what users do in Office 365 and using this information

Stay in the know of the relevant content in sites you follow

SharePoint makes it easy for you to follow sites. But how do you keep track of the relevant content in all those sites? So you follow a site SharePoint allows us to follow sites. Originally the idea was to leverage this ability to keep track of work done in those